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Weekend Tajweed Course

From basics to advanced. A year long Tajweed course for women!

  • Started 3 Sept
  • 50 British pounds
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Service Description

Fees: £50 Admissions Fee £25 Monthly Fee Prerequisites: - Know how to read Arabic Duration: - Approximately 1 year Awaken your spirituality with our carefully planned tajweed courses that puts the focus on every letter of the Arabic language and the style of recitation. In this course, students will start learning the articulation points of each letters in the Arabic language to their characteristics at the advanced level. Our course comes packed with a completed workbook with activities and class recordings for all. Students will be given two types of homework: verbal homework, by practising words/ayaat of the Qur'aan and written homework, completing activities in the workbook. All students will have the opportunity to read to the teacher 1-2-1 for tailored feedback and improvement tips. We value student efforts and to help you gain the best of your potential, our teachers will always be at hand via Telegram app and Google Classroom. The duration of the course has been predicted to be a year long but majorly depends on whole class progression and performance. At Maryam Education, we take tajweed very seriously as the maim aim is to read the Qur'aan; the words and speech of Allaah. For this matter, we will not rush our students and teachers to finish the syllabus in a years time, rather it is an estimate of how long it could take to master the science of Tajweed, approximately. Throughout the course, students will be able to: - Recognise the different forms of the Arabic letters. - Understand how Arabic vowels work and differentiate between them in recitation. - Value the importance of Tajweed and Makhaarij (articulation) - Know the rules regarding starting and stopping in the Qur'aan. - Have good understanding regarding the sifaat (characteristics) of letters and able to implement them clearly when reciting. - Improve on their recitation of the last 10 ayaat as part of the syllabus but also their own reading of the Qur'aan. - Have knowledge of the different ways to start a new surah and the rules pertaining to Isti'aatha & Basmala We look forward to having on board at Maryam Education!

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To cancel your booking please contact us. All course booking are non-refundable. Admissions fee is refundable within 14 days of the course start date.

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