Essentials of Faith Weekend

2 Year course for sisters aged 16 and over £50 Admission fee £35/Monthly

  • Starts 1 Oct
  • 50 British pounds
  • Online

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This course is designed for adult sisters who despite their busy schedule of being a mother, housewife, student, working woman and so many other things, wants to still prioritise their religion (go superwoman!) The aim of this course is to remind you of your Essentials of Faith and help you learn the basic concepts of your religion...but slowly and efficiently. Students will learn the following subjects throughout the 2 years of studies: - Tajweed - Fiqh - Tafisr - Hadith - Seerah - Aqeedah 1st Year Subjects : - Tajweed + Recitation Makhaarij (Articulation of Letters) Noon + Meem Saakin Rules - Fiqh of: (Jurisprudence) Purity (Including Menstruation) Salah - Aqeedah (Islamic Belief): Attributes of Allah Death and the Afterlife Prophets and Companions The Divine Names - Hadith (Prophetic Traditions): Memorisation of Daily Duas and their commentaries Selected Ahadith - Tafsir (Exegesis) Surah Fatiha Surah Kahf Last 10 Surahs 2nd Year Subjects - Tajweed + Recitation Sifaat (Characteristics) Waqf + Ibtida' (Stopping and Starting) - Fiqh of: (Jurisprudence) Sawm (Fasting) Zakat Hajj - Seerah Pre Islamic Period Makkan Period Madani Period - Hadith (Prophetic Traditions): Selected Hadith Hadith Qudsi - Tafsir (Exegesis) Surah Ma'idah Surah Aal-Imran Surah Nisaa Surah Maryam Surah Yaseen Classes are delivered on ZOOM with a qualified teacher. Lessons will be recorded, however we expect students to attend all lessons and be punctual; no more than 3 absences in a month. Students will use Google Classroom as their virtual classroom to access materials, view recordings and submit assignments. Students will also be required to download the Telegram App, through this students are able to communicate with each other and their teacher without compromising their number and personal information. Assignments: Students will be expected to complete one assignment per term (a term is 3 months). This could be writing up a research paper, creating a presentation for the class or simply completing an open book test. Students must get a total of 70% for each assignment. If the target was not achieved, students will have to re-do the assignment. If you require financial support, please email us directly.

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To cancel your booking please contact us. All course booking are non-refundable. Admissions fee is refundable within 14 days of the course start date.

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