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Text Size: A- A+ New Delhi: When Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced a ban on slaughterhouses, the government received a barrage of criticism for violating human rights. Sawant’s argument was that the Goa ban was in line with the Karnataka initiative to ban slaughterhouses. “Since all these states have enacted similar acts, there is nothing to prevent us from following suit,” he said. What Sawant was not aware of was that the Karnataka prohibition came out a year ago and was implemented just in August. Also read: Goa bans slaughterhouses, quoting Karnataka law A shift in strategy The Goa Chief Minister’s stance reflected a strategic shift in the BJP-led state government’s handling of the cow protection issue. Initially, the government was seeking to adopt a more nuanced position on the issue — emphasising that cattle slaughter was to be minimised and cattle markets regulated. An animal rights activist was quoted by The Indian Express as saying that the government realised that their approach was unlikely to work. “Initially, the government was eyeing a road map where they can gradually reduce cattle slaughter in the state. But now, it is too late. People have not been convinced,” he was quoted as saying. With the Goa government’s controversial slaughterhouse ban, the ruling party has successfully demonstrated that it is able to enforce an order in the state. According to The New Indian Express, the Goa BJP has a powerful foothold in the bureaucracy. It also enjoys a solid support base in the local electorate. Apart from Karnataka, Sawant’s government has also made sure that the new prohibition is effective. The government has cleared the state assembly for the law to be enforced. The protesters might be able to shout slogans from the balconies but they will not be able to stop the government from enforcing the ban. Also read: Why India’s new animal rights movement will not work out The law already exists An analysis of the implementation of the ban in Karnataka suggests that the law on slaughterhouses already existed and the government did not make any new law. According to its rules, the Karnataka State Cattle Preservation Board had issued a gazette notification in 2016 banning cattle slaughter. It was amended a year later to exempt cattle used for transportation or for animal products

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Proshika Shabda Software Free Downloaddcinst

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